Application of polyacrylamide in papermaking process

Polyacrylamide is a linear polymer with high chemical activity and its appearance is white powder or translucent particles. Its products have strong applicability and a wide range of applications, especially the use of polyacrylamide in papermaking technology. It is very extensive, it can be said that it runs through the paper industry.

cationic polyacrylamide

The specific application of polyacrylamide in papermaking process:

1. Because polyacrylamide has a negative charge, it can be used as a pulp dispersant; the cationic polyacrylamide with low molecular weight is mainly used as a dispersant, which can effectively improve the uniformity of paper sheets;

2. Low molecular weight polyacrylamide can be used as a strengthening agent; there are two ways to strengthen paper: internal paper strengthening agent and surface paper strengthening agent for sizing press. There are two types of paper strengthening agents for internal use: paper dry strengthening agents and paper wet strengthening agents. Cationic polyacrylamide not only has a good retention and drainage effect, but also improves the tear index of the paper. It can be used as a dry strengthening agent, which can effectively improve the strength of the paper, so that the paper has a certain wet strength to resist water damage ;

3. Medium molecular weight polyacrylamide can be used as retention and drainage aid. Through bridging flocculation, the retention rate of fines and fillers in the papermaking process can be significantly improved, and the drainage of paper materials in the wire section of the paper machine can be accelerated. In the particle flocculation system, CPAM is added to form large flocs, which are dispersed into small flocs under the action of shear force, and then cationic micro-material colloidal silica can be added to react with small flocs to form dense and more easily dehydrated fine flocs. Flocculation system to achieve higher retention rate, good uniformity and drainage performance, improve paper sheet forming and product quality;

4. High-molecular-weight polyacrylamide is mostly used as a flocculant in papermaking wastewater treatment and a suspending agent for long-fiber pulp paper;

5. Cationic polyacrylamide can also be used in papermaking wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering process.

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