The Dissolution Method Of PAC

Method Of Use:
After dissolving the PAC solid product with water at a ratio of 1:3, add 10-30 times of water to dilute to the required concentration before use. The optimal pH value of dosing is 3.5-5.0, choosing the optimal pH value to add can give full play to the maximum benefit of coagulation. The amount of dosage can be determined according to the different turbidity of raw water. Generally, when the turbidity of raw water is 100-500mg/L, the dosage per thousand tons is 10-20kg. When the turbidity of raw water is high, the dosage should be increased appropriately, and when the turbidity is low, the dosage can be reduced appropriately.
For rural use, the agent can be put into a water tank, stirred evenly, left to stand, and the supernatant can be used. Add about 1 gram of this agent for every 50 kg. If this agent is used in combination with the polymer flocculant, the effect will be better. Dosing can be used after dissolving anionic polyacrylamide or cationic polyacrylamide together with PAC to form a composite flocculant, or adding PAC to the water to be treated to form an aggregate, and then adding anionic polyacrylamide to adsorb and bridge into large flocs.
The dosage of polyaluminum chloride in different water quality:
1. In low turbidity water, dilute the solid polyaluminum chloride product with tap water at a ratio of 1:3 (weight ratio), and stir until completely dissolved.
2. In domestic and production sewage, add about 30g of polyaluminum chloride products per ton of sewage. Then add the diluted polyacrylamide product. (If the effect is not obvious, please reduce or increase the dosage of the product as appropriate.)
3. In the sewage treatment of paper mills, the proportion of low-turbidity water is used. If the effect is not obvious, it can be added at discretion.
4. When the turbidity of raw water is 100-500mg/L, the dosage is 5-10mg, that is, the dosage per thousand tons of water is 5-10kg. put into use.
Concentration Ratio Method:
When diluting the solid polyaluminum chloride into a liquid, it is first necessary to do a small test to obtain the optimal dosage according to the condition of the raw water before use. When polyaluminum chloride is used in production, it can be mixed and dissolved according to the mass ratio of polyaluminum chloride solid: water = 1:9-1:15. A solution with an alumina content of less than 1% is easy to hydrolyze, which will reduce the use effect. If the concentration is too high, it is difficult to add evenly. After the chemical is used, if there are few alum flowers and large residual turbidity in the sedimentation tank, the dosage is too small; if the alum flowers are large and turned up in the sedimentation tank, the dosage is too large and should be adjusted appropriately.