PAC Polyaluminum Chloride Industrial Grade Brown Granules For Urban Sewage Treatment

Color: Brown

Appearance: Granules

AL2O3 Content: 22%-26%

CAS NO.:1327-41-9

HS Code: 3824999999

Packaging: 25kg/bag

Product Description:

Polyaluminium chloride PAC is divided into industrial grade and drinking grade. The industrial grade is divided into brown granule PAC and yellow granule PAC. The drinking grade is divided into yellowish powder PAC and white powder PAC.

PAC Polyaluminum Chloride is an inorganic substance, a new water purification material, and an inorganic polymer coagulant. The product has strong bridging and adsorption properties. During the hydrolysis process, physical and chemical processes such as coagulation, adsorption and precipitation will occur. The fundamental difference between polyaluminum chloride and traditional inorganic coagulants is that traditional inorganic coagulants are low-molecular crystalline salts, while the structure of polyaluminum chloride is composed of polyvalent carboxyl complexes with variable shapes, and the flocculation and precipitation speed is fast, suitable for The pH range is wide, non-corrosive to pipeline equipment, and the water purification effect is obvious. It can effectively remove color SS, COD, BOD and heavy metal ions such as arsenic and mercury in water. This product is widely used in industrial water and sewage treatment.



Item Product Grade – Non Potable Water
Content of ALO 22%-26%
Basicity% 40-90
PH(1%aqueous solution) <1.5
As% ≤0.005
Cd% ≤0.002
Hg% ≤0.00001
N% ≤0.01
Cr+6% ≤0.005


Application Fields:

The products are widely used in life and production water, domestic sewage, industrial wastewater purification, purification treatment, low temperature and low turbidity water of papermaking, petrochemical, power plant ash wastewater recycling, printing and dyeing, wool, wastewater to COD, BOD and SS, decolorization and purification.

During use, it is sometimes used in combination with polyacrylamide PAM(cationic polyacrylamide, anionic polyacrylamide, nonionic polyacrylamide) or PFS polymeric ferric sulfate according to the situation.

Usage, Packaging & Storage
1. Mix the PAC powder and water by 1:2.5- 1:3(weight ratio) about 30 minutes. After it is completely dissolved, then use it.
2. Before using, make a simple test according to the water quality characteristics, choosing the better way to use it.
3. The product is packed in a plastic bag lined with polyethylene bags, each bag is 25kg.
4. PAC should be stored in a cool and dry place, avoiding the sun and rain.