PAC Polyaluminum Chloride Drinking Grade Yellowish Powder For Water Purification

Color: Yellowish

Appearance: Powder

AL2O3 Content: 28%-30%

CAS NO.:1327-41-9

HS Code: 3824999999

Packaging: 25kg/bag

Product Description:

Polyaluminium chloride PAC is divided into industrial grade and drinking grade. The industrial grade is divided into brown granule PAC and yellow granule PAC. The drinking grade is divided into yellowish powder PAC and white powder PAC.

Yellowish PAC Polyaluminum Chloride is a kind of spray-type drinking grade polyaluminum chloride, which is a new process product of PAC. The acidity of spray-type polyaluminum chloride is lower than that of other inorganic flocculants. During the drying process, the polyaluminum chloride solution with a solid content of 40%-50% is introduced into the high-pressure pump and pressurized After entering the atomizer in the dryer for atomization, it is dispersed into tiny mist droplets, and the mist droplets are dried to obtain granular products so that drying and granulation are completed at the same time.

Process: liquid raw material→pressure filtration→spray tower spray drying→finished product



Item Physical Form
Liquid Solid
Content  of  AL₂O, 10% 28%-30%
Basicity% 40-90
PH(1%aqueous  solution) 3.5-5.0
Water insoluble ≤0.2 ≤0.6
As% ≤0.0002
Pb% ≤0.001
Cd% ≤0.0002
Hg% ≤0.00001
Cr+6% ≤0.0005


Application Fields:

Yellowish PAC Polyaluminum Chloride is mainly used for drinking water treatment, the general content is about 30%, and it becomes colorless transparent liquid polyaluminum chloride after dissolving.

During use, it is sometimes used in combination with polyacrylamide PAM(cationic polyacrylamide, anionic polyacrylamide, nonionic polyacrylamide) or PFS polymeric ferric sulfate according to the situation.


1. Stability, wide water area, fast hydrolysis speed, strong adsorption capacity, large and quick alum flower formation, fast sedimentation, low turbidity of effluent, and good dehydration performance.
2. The amount of spray-dried polyaluminium chloride is reduced, especially in the case of poor water quality. Compared with drum-dried polyaluminum chloride, the dosage of spray-dried products can be reduced by half, which not only reduces the labor intensity of workers but also What is more important is to reduce the cost of water production for users.
3. The use of spray drying products can ensure safety, reduce water accidents, and is very safe and reliable for residents’ drinking water.
4. High active ingredient, easy to store and transport.
5. Polyaluminum chloride is suitable for raw water of various turbidities and has a wide range of pH. (But its sedimentation effect is far inferior to polyacrylamide.)


Packaging & Storage:
Plastic woven bag for external use, with plastic film set inside, each bag has a net weight of 25kg, and can be modified according to user requirements.
Effective storage period of the product: half a year for liquid and two years for solid.